Dr. Morais Cassell

Behavioral Health Specialist/Therapist @ Behavioral Health Specialist

Morais Cassell gave his heart to the Lord at the age of fourteen in Brooklyn, New York, where he began ministering to children and adolescents.  He served as Teen Ministry Director, Drama Ministry Coordinator, and Youth Group Leader.  At the end of high school, Morais relocated to Buffalo, N.Y. to pursue an undergraduate degree. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies with a concentration in Biology.  Morais went on to complete graduate school and received a Masters of Science in Science Education.  Morais continued his graduate studies and also holds a Masters of Arts degree in Professional Counseling with a concentration in Crisis Counseling. In May 2018, he completed his dissertation/research (focused on urban adolescent anxiety) earning his doctorate, a Ph.D., in Counseling and Pastoral Care (Liberty University). Morais has served in various ministries including Youth Ministry, Christian Education, Pastoral, and Evangelism/Outreach Ministry. As an educator, Morais has served in elementary, middle, and high schools (teacher, dean, chaplain, and school therapist).  As a clinician, Dr. Morais specializes in child/adolescent therapy, marriage/family therapy, crisis counseling, and integrative therapy.

Morais currently resides near Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., along with his wife Diane. Morais recently served as the Church of God of Prophecy Northeast (seven states) and Bermuda Regional Youth/Transitions Ministries Director, Evangelism, and Youth Camp Director. Morais is a Behavioral Health Specialist/Therapist where he is providing collaborative care by integrating behavioral health into a primary care setting, and serves as an “Ending the Silence” presenter with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Georgia (‘NAMI’). Morais travels extensively preaching and teaching at revivals, retreats, conferences, camps, leadership training events, and in prisons across the U.S.A.  His ministry has led him to many countries/nations including: Canada, Germany, U.S. Virgin Islands (St. Thomas, St. Croix), British Virgin Islands (Tortola), St. Lucia, Antigua, Jamaica, Cyprus, Nigeria, the Bahamas, Honduras(Central America), Peru, Venezuela, the Ukraine, the ABC Islands (Curacao).

In June 2013, Morais launched the “ACTS 220 Prayer Movement” – an initiative with the goal of 200 students praying 20 minutes and reading 2 scriptures daily, for 2 weeks.  At the end of the 2 weeks, over 500 people had participated across 6 nations. Today, over 3,000 have taken the 2 week prayer challenge in several nations.